Markers usage

You can find the pdf of the marker to use in the markersToPrint of the project root directory.

Generate the markers

In the markersToPrint directory you can also find a python program to generate the svg file of the markers. You can customize the size and print the id of the marker on the corner.

Here is the usage and options:

usage: [-h] [--rings N] [--outdir dir] [--margin N] [--radius N]
                   [--addId] [--addCross] [--generatePng] [--generatePdf]

Generate the svg file for the markers.

optional arguments:
  -h, --help         show this help message and exit
  --rings N          the number of rings (possible values {3, 4}, default: 3)
  --outdir dir       the directory where to save the files (default: ./)
  --margin N         the margin to add around the external ring (default: 400)
  --radius N         the radius of the outer circle (default: 500)
  --addId            add the marker id on the top left corner
  --addCross         add a small cross in the center of the marker
  --generatePng      also generate a png file
  --generatePdf      also generate a pdf file
  --whiteBackground  set the background (outside the marker) to white instead
                     of transparent

For example, calling:

./ --outdir markers3 --margin 100 --addId

it will create a directory markers3 where it saves an svg file for each marker with a margin around the marker of 100 and with the ID of the marker printed on the top left corner.

To generate pdf and/or png file, use the flags --generatePdf and --generatePng .